Terms and Conditions

1 – Scope of Terms and Conditions.

Use of the Crazy Parts Finder service, including use of its website (www.crazypartsfinder.com) are subject to the following Terms and conditions. Crazy Parts Finder reserve the right to alter, update and add to the T&C at any time, without notice. You agree to be bound by these T&C in the use of the Crazy Parts Finder service and website.

2 – Service outline

The CPF Service allows you to bid on items offered for auction on our website. Specifically, at this time The CPF Service offers the ability to bid on Automotive parts which are searchable through the search tools integrated to The CPF Service. You are purchasing from and only dealing with the CPF Service.

3 – Indemnity

By agreeing to the these T&C you are agreeing to indemnify Crazy Parts Finder, it’s Directors, employees, agents, partners and contractors against any loss, damage, harm, claims and/or demands arising through the use or your misuse of The CPF Service. You agree that Crazy Parts Finder, it’s Directors, employees, agents, partners and contractors will not be held liable for any costs incurred by you in the pursuit of damages against Crazy Parts Finder, including, but not limited to legal and court fees. This indemnity forms part of the T&C to which you are agreeing.

4 – Fees and costs

By agreeing to these T&C you are agreeing to pay all fees and costs, in relation to the use of The CPF Service. These fees & costs vary depending on the item you are purchasing, the method of shipping you select, if it attracts import duty, etc. A calculator which allows you to tally up these costs is available on every auction page within the site, and our system will not allow you to place a bid until you have totaled & accepted these.

5 – Item legality

By agreeing to the T&C you agree that the onus of responsibility relating to the legality of fitting any items purchased via The CPF Service is solely on you, the end user. Crazy Parts Finder is unable to provide advice on the legality of available items and users of The Crazy Parts Finder Service should seek advice from the appropriate regulatory bodies in your state or territory. Crazy Parts Finder will not ship items that are illegal for Import. Crazy Parts Finder will not be held responsible for goods that are confiscated by Customs or Quarantine.

6 - Bidding

By placing a bid via The Crazy Parts Finder Service, you are committing to purchase that item for the amount you have bid, plus all associated costs. A bid can not be retracted once made.
If an auction has been won, you are obligated to pay all costs as per the Terms and Conditions of The Crazy Parts Finder Service. Crazy Parts Finder will automatically charge your Crazy Parts Finder account for the cost, using any credit in your Crazy Parts Finder account. Crazy Parts Finder will charge you  20% of item price in yahoo auction if any item cancelation

7 – Payment

Crazy Parts Finder only accept lump-sum payments and Crazy Parts Finder cannot accept payment by monthly or any installments.
*- Bank fund transfer

8 – Warranties

A - Your use of The Crazy Parts Finder Website (www.crazypartsfinder.com) is solely at your own risk. No warranty on the Crazy Parts Finder Website (www.crazypartsfinder.com) whatsoever is expressed or implied and the site is offered on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
B – Crazy Parts Finder makes no warranty or guarantee that The Crazy Parts Finder website (www.crazypartsfinder.com) will be uninterrupted or in guaranteed timeframe's.
C – You understand and accept that Crazy Parts Finder will not be held liable or accountable for any loss whether direct, indirect or consequential, including, but not limited to loss of profit, goodwill, tangible or intangible losses whether as a result of use, or of inability to use The CPF Service for any reason.

9 – Shipping Policy

Crazy Parts Finder ensures all due care is taken when packaging and sending your items. All shipments are automatically insured to the full value unless otherwise requested by you. If your item does not arrive, please contact us via the methods listed on our contact page (www.crazypartsfinder.com/contact). If the packaging of your item appears damaged, open the package in front of the delivery person. This is a requirement in order to make an insurance claim. The first point of contact for a damaged item insurance claim is the Post Office for items shipped via EMS, or directly to us for items sent via courier from our Malaysia Klang. Crazy Parts Finder will provide any information necessary to assist with the claim. Crazy Parts Finder is not responsible for items lost or damage.

10 – Return / refund Policy

In the event that we are unable to provide a purchased item to you, Crazy Parts Finder will refund you the full purchase price and any other costs charged by Crazy Parts Finder.
Crazy Parts Finder is a registered Malaysia company, and as such,Crazy Parts Finder will act at all times in accordance with federal, state and territory laws.

11 - Privacy Policy

Crazy Parts Finder collects and retains information provided by you, when you sign up. This information constists of your name, phone number, email and postal addresses.This information is used to allow you access to our system, and for our staff & contractors to make contact with you regarding our service. Crazy Parts Finder will not sell or share your information with any 3rd party with the exception of contracts working with us to deliver the Crazy Parts Finder Service, or unless directed to by a court of law.