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Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia Auction - Auction & Bidding Services

With Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia's Auction Service, we placed your bid on Yahoo Japan Auction and ship your item by acting on your behalf every steps of the way bidding, shipping -  Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia will watch over your purchase until your item(s) is delivered to our office. Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia also can courier services is provided to post item to your place and subject to item fee.

Yahoo Japan Auction 

Yahoo Japan Auction is the biggest auction site in Japan. There are over 9 million items constantly at cheaper than market price. But many sellers do not accept bids from people who do not speak Japanese and they do not ship items to oversea. We provide an extremely convenient and secure service by bidding for products on your behalf. 

Online Shop Service 

Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia's Auction takes the hassle out of online shopping in Japan by acting on your behalf every step of the way - purchasing, shipping - Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia also watch over your purchase until your item is delivered to our office. 

Understanding Japan Auction Page 
Before you can bid, you need to know what your looking at and just what you need in order to bid with our service. Below is a picture of the details from a normal Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia Auction. Important sections are highlighted and explanations given.


Sellers Username - This is the person selling the item. Clicking his name will take you to a list of all the auctions he currently has up.

Sellers Feedback - Its always a good idea to check a sellers feedback. This lets you know of the persons reputation. If their feedback is below 5 and you want to bid on their auctions, you'll have to ask for a manual bid.

This is the current price of the auction in yen.

This is the time remaining. The symbol that looks like an 8 only squared off stands for "days". So in the example above, there are 4 days left. Clicking the link next to it will pop open a window that will count down the time left.

This is where the current high bidder is listed. In this auction, there is no high bidder. If we are the high bidder on an auction, you will see "" followed by our incredibly good feedback rating.

Not all auctions have this price that is highlighted in yellow. This is the same as Ebay's "buy it now" option. Simply bid the same price you see highlighted and it will automatically end the auction and purchase the item.

This is the quantity of the item up for sale. Most auctions only have a 1. Auctions with 2 or more quantity are considered dutch auctions and require us to manually bid on them.

The number of bids the item has received. In the example, nobody has bid yet.

Starting bid amount.

Bid increment. Meaning that if you want to bid, you must bid at least this amount over the current price. So in the example above, if the high bidder was at 4,000 yen you must bid a minimum of 4,100.

The date the auction started. Numbers in order are Month - Day - Hour - Minute

The date the auction will end. Numbers are in the same order.

The Auction Item Number - This is what you need when you want to place a bid with our system. Simply copy it down or cut/paste it into the "place bid" form when you're ready.

This tells you if there is a reserve on the item or not. If you see red text that means there is a reserve, otherwise; there isn't one. A reserve is the minimum amount the seller is willing to accept in payment for the item. If you place a bid on an item and it doesn't meet the reserve then your bid will not show up on the auction. Reserves are hidden.
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