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What is Yahoo Japan?
Yahoo Japan is Yahoo's auction site located in Japan.  Only Japanese speaking people are allowed to use it, and most sellers will not ship to people who do not live in Japan.

How do I bid on Yahoo Japan?
That's easy! Just sign up for an account at Crazy Parts Finder!  At Crazy Parts Finder, you can bid by yourself, REAL-TIME on Yahoo Japan items. Please note all Crazy Parts Finder account holders must be 18 years of age and have a credit card.

Why can't I just bid for myself on Yahoo Japan?
Japanese, on the whole, will not deal with people who do not speak Japanese, and generally will not ship outside of Japan. There is also a problem with payment, as money transfers between Japanese banks are the usual method used and accepted.

What is the Crazy Parts Finder System?
Crazy Parts Finder a self-contained bidding system where the user can sign up for a Crazy Parts Finder account and bid on their own, real-time, on Yahoo Japan.

How to I sign up for an account?
To sign up for an account at Crazy Parts Finder, please go here:

1. Fill up the sign up form.
2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail instructing you how to register a credit card
    and place your deposit.
3. Wait for your activation (which will happen withing 24 hours) and you are ready
    to bid!

Does Crazy Parts Finder translate Japanese for me?
We trasnlate only small things for you. Please make use of internet resources to help
you translating. A useful site with free translation engines is AltaVista's Babefish. The
online dictionary internet interface WWWJDIC is usefulfor looking up words and phrases.
Crazy Parts Finder also has translation services available. Crazy Parts Finder is not responsible if you misunderstand the Japanese in your auction. Please use at your own risk.
If in doubt, please ask us and we may be able to help!

How do you get my stuff from Japan to Malaysia?

There are several methods available for freighting items, at the moment we offer EMS and container shipping as these are simply the most secure and efficient ways of getting your goods to you.

EMS /Air : It is the fastest, safest and most cost efficient
delivery method though it takes 3 days to arrived Malaysia once send out from Crazy Parts Finder Japan office.
1.5 metres in length / girth and not more than 20kgs maximum per box into Australia and 30kgs to others country.
Crazy Parts Finder Japan office send out EMS item 15th and 30th of the month.

Example : You bought item on 9th of the month ,roughly will reach our Crazy Parts Finder Japan office on 13th of the month then Crazy Parts Finder Japan office send out the item to Malaysia on 15th of the month so this item will arrived in Crazy Parts Finder Malaysia office on 18th of the month.

Container/Sea: The cheapest method and very secure. The container is packed by Crazy Parts Finder in Japan.The container is sealed and shipped to port in Japan, then onto a freighter which sails to port in Port Klang. It is then moved by truck to a warehouse. We then pick up the goods and move to our shop and arrange pick up / postage to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Paypal (
Maybank crazy parts finder 5124-5516-5745
Public bank crazy parts finder 3144-268-118

What is the exchange rate you use?

Please refer to our Shipping & Fees.




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